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Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group's CSR Link to each location
CSR Vision
CSR Promotion Structure
Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group Code of Conduct
Identification of Materialities & Opportunities and Risks
Materialities and the Related SDGs
Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group's ESG Management (KPI Targets)
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Policy Management
Practice and
E Climate Change
Biodiversity Conservation -
Pollution -
Waste -
Use of Resource -
Water Use -
Supply Chain (Environment) -
S Supply Chain (Society) -
Human Rights and Community - - -
Contribution to Local Communities and Society - -
Health and Safety -
Labor Standards
Diversity Promotion -
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each location
G Corporate Governance Basic Views on Corporate Governance
Composition of the Board of Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board
Policy and procedures on determining the remuneration of directors and other officers
Approach concerning selection of directors and other officers
Specialization and professional history of directors and other officers
Basic Views on Internal Control System
Schematic Diagram of Corporate Governance System
Menagement Monitoring Function
Compliance Compliance System
Whistleblowing System (Compliance Helpline)
Prevention of Relationships with Anti-social Forces
Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group Code of Conduct
Risk Management and Other Matters Risk Management
Information Security
General Meeting of Shareholders Convocation Notice
Notice of Resolutions